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Cubo X Ensto UCB3010 Ensto

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Cubo X Ensto Cubo X
We provide universal combo boxes certified as Ex e and Ex tb components to our customers. Our universal combo box is an Ex e and Ex tb enclosure designed to fit perfectly next to an Ex d enclosure. Instead of having one Ex d enclosure with terminals and an interface component, you can have a lightweight, easier to maintain and more cost efficient universal combo box solution with indirect connection. All the solutions are suitable for installations in areas where explosive concentrations of gases, steam and dust can appear (i.e. in Zones 1 and 2 in gas areas and 21 and 22 in dust areas)._x005F
EAC Ex certificate covers Ensto Cubo X empty and Ensto Cubo X terminal enclosures. When placing and order, please specify that you are ordering enclosures that will go to the Eurasian Economic Community._x005F
Benefits of using our solutions include:_x005F
• Safe solution_x005F
• Smaller size_x005F
• Easy machining_x005F
• Easy and quick connection and maintenance_x005F
• Cost-efficient solution


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