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Ex-корпуса Ensto X1ABP09JB Ensto

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Ex-корпуса Ensto Cubo X
We provide complete junction boxes certified as Ex e, Ex tb and Ex i products to our customers. These junction boxes are designed to enclose Ex e and Ex i terminals. The maximum number of terminals used in each solution is determined by the conductor cross-section, enclosure operating temperature and required temperature class. _x005F
Our boxes are suitable for temperature classes T6 up to T4. All the solutions are suitable for installations in areas where explosive concentrations of gases, steam and dust can appear (i.e. in Zones 1 and 2 in gas areas and 21 and 22 in dust areas)._x005F
EAC Ex certificate covers Ensto Cubo X empty and Ensto Cubo X terminal enclosures. When placing and order, please specify that you are ordering enclosures that will go to the Eurasian Economic Community._x005F
Benefits of using our solutions include:_x005F
• Fast service_x005F
• Wide range of certificates_x005F
• Flexible and easily configurable concept_x005F
• Scalable dimensioning_x005F
• Easy availability of design files


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